Drop-in High-Availability

Alteeve's drop-in High-Availability platform, The Anvil! is a turnkey solution that is built and ready to provide the high-availability operating environment that you demand for your business critical servers and applications. This tightly integrated solution is built on hardware and software that provide stability combined with our industry leading expertise to produce a turnkey HA platform that is intuitive, easy to install and simple to use.
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Portable High-Availability

We have a pre-configured, Portable High-Availability solution ready to ship to anywhere in north America. The Anvil! BOX is a completely self contained High-Availability Platform mounted within our rugged, shipable rack. Open the lid, plug the Anvil into your network, power up and you are ready to go. It' s that simple. And our engineers are ready to assist both remotely and on-site as you need.
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Provisioned High-Availability

Do you already have a preferred hardware vendor?  No problem. With our Anpro! package you get all the necessary consulting and provisioning services along with our Anvil software.  Anpro! provides you with a drop-in High-Availability Platform on your preferred hardware.   Our engineers work with you and your vendor every step of the way to deliver a reliable high-availability solution. 
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